Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Together Again

Unfortunately, things like this happen when they are together.
Here is a rare picture of Ally when she is not blabbing.
These two sisters will be together in sunny Florida for a few days. I think they both are a little excited about seeing each other. If anyone in Florida sees them, please try to make sure they behave. They are not known for being especially well-behaved.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pharaoh the Comedian

I have been reading in Exodus recently, and have been observing a little of the dialogue between Pharaoh and Moses. I chuckled a bit this morning when reading about the seventh judgment against Egypt. There had been flies and frogs and lice and now it was hail like never before. What made me laugh was Pharaoh's statement after the hail. I'm guessing one of the softball-sized hailstones hit him on the noggin. He said, "I have sinned this time." Ya think so, Big P?
He had already started the comedy stuff, though, after the frog plague. He had had enough of the green pests in his bed, kitchen and outhouse, and Moses asked him when he would like them to be taken away. He answers in a typical comedic way, "Tomorrow." One more night with the frogs... you have probably heard Ernie Philips of the Kingsmen with the song of that title.
You know the end of the story. You may have heard of the learned man who was telling a little old Christian lady that the part of the Red Sea where the Israelites escaped was only about eighteen inches deep.
She thought on that a minute, and then began rejoicing. The man, thinking she was daft, asked her what she was doing.
She said, "I just got blessed knowing that God drowned the entire Egyptian army in eighteen inches of water!"
I still think Pharaoh should win "Comedian of the Year" for 1491B.C.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids, Pets and ?.

" Don't worry, no one will even notice us here in the gazebo at The Apple Barn."

Only about 50% of us are really happy to be here at this moment.

" Ya know what, Belle, that will most definitely be the last time you and I will ride the Slingshot together!"

" Hey, Regi, I thought you said 1:30. Do I just go on with the ceremony until you get here?"

Dave Hilligoss and his stupid ideas... I am tellin' you, there's somethin' wrong with that boy.

For those of you who aren't aware of it, I have a personal hairdresser.

" Belle, you promised me this would never see the light of day. I don't look too bad, though, do I?"

"Hold on a sec, I think I can put the rest of this sandwich in, too."

Jessica coming in for a landing after a cross-yard flight.

Dudley, wishing he was back in his favorite....

chair by the window looking out at the white stuff instead of in it up to his royal Rastafarian neenies.

"Last but not least, this is my mean look that I save up for Lowell when he dares get close to my stall."