Monday, July 6, 2009

44 and 6

50 beings celebrated the 4th at the Lavy Ranch. 44 humans and 6 canine friends. There was Spanky (Olivia's pup), Bilko (Dani's pup), Boeing (Brooke and Holley's pup), Bullwinkle (Regi and Jason's pup), Jessica and Dudley (the dogs who live here) and a whole bunch of Lavys, Hilligosses, Collingsworths and other friends.
The food was plentiful and outstanding. Apple cider ribs, Nathan's hot dogs and Bratwursts were the main meats. Add to that salads and beans and chili and slaw and desserts too many to enumerate and you have a 4th to remember.
Volleyball, cornhole, softball and visiting with family and friends was the order of the day.
Unfortunately, I was coerced into fingernail and face painting. Fortunately, I am not able to add pictures of that right now, but you could check out some images on Facebook if you desire.
Since Regi and Jason are going to Ireland today, we have the pleasure of puppysitting for Bullwinkle. He is a cool dog, and Dudley and he are good buddies. Right now, Dudley is napping in the morning sunshine, while BW chews on a toy beside of him. Gonna be a fun couple of weeks!