Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tennessee Pictures

Dudley injured his foot on vacation
He's OK, just tired
Great BBQ place
Great seafood place
What we ate at Linebergers...not. Actually, this is a 4 ft long grouper at the Aquarium
These turkeys showed up on our golf course...curiously, soon after I recorded a birdie there. lol
Rena with a nice catfish...unfortunately, the bobber was stuck in her nose for a while!
Great show at the Comedy Barn
Our cabin at Little Valley Mountain Resort

View at Cades Cove
On a hike at Cades Cove
Barn at the Cove
Rest stop
Jellyfish at the Aquarium
Just a few pictures from our mini-vacation. On the way home from Tennessee, we drove through the hills of Kentucky to visit Regi and Jason for a little while. It was a VERY nice visit and conversation that we enjoyed with them.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Do You Have A Payet?

You want ribs?
Smoky Mountain Memories
Dudley loves to travel
This is not really a contest - it is just a question that was asked to me last week. Rena and I went to the Smokies like we do almost every October. We rent a cabin and act like tourists for 3 or 4 days. This year we planned to go down on Saturday and stay until Tuesday. Then, Rena decided that she wanted to leave on Friday evening after I got off work. I think she did the same thing last year. Anyhow, that is what we did. Since we had the cabin reserved for Saturday, we needed a place for Friday night. We called and got a reservation for Friday night at the Days Inn at Exit 407 off of I-40. When I went in to pay the bill, the front desk person asked me, "Do you have a payet?"

Would someone please tell me what he was asking? I know, because I had him clarify the question, but at first I was stumped. Remember, we were in the South. And, by the way, we did have one.

While you are thinking, let me tell you where to go for BBQ ribs if you go to Gatlinburg. Soon after you exit at 407 and start south, you will cross the French Broad River. On your right, you will see the Christian Bookstore. Shortly after that, you will see, if you are looking closely, Tony Gore's BBQ and Grill. Tony is a Southern Gospel singer - Tony Gore and Majesty is the group - and he has a small down-home country restaurant. I ordered the Big Baby, and Rena got the Little Baby. Wow - baby back ribs smoked and cooked to perfection. Tony was there when we were there, and he came to our table and spoke with us. Kirk Talley was waiting tables there, also. We loved it so much that we ate there on our way out, too.

Somebody tell me what a payet is!!! No big prize this time...just a hot tip on where to eat in the Smokies!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Final One

Here's the last cliche contest. The winner of this one gets the Final Big Huge Prize!
It was in medical school that the wannabe doctors were getting instruction on abdominal surgery. The instructor was giving directions to the students. He told them that to reach the intended area for the operation they would need to run their microscopic camera into the atrium, out through the ventricle, and then into the abdominal wall. This proves the old adage, "??? ??? ?? ? ???'? ??????? ?? ??????? ??? ?????".
Who can solve the last one?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Congratulations, Bakers

I had to change my profile on my blog. The reason was that it said I had had a son-in-law for over one year. Now, it has been over two years, since the anniversary was yesterday. If you are following her blog, you know they are on their dream vacation in Hawaii. Check out her pictures. Congrats, Regi and Jason. P.S. I think we still have the top to your wedding cake in the freezer. Better stop by on your way home from Hawaii and eat it!

Welcome, Ally

Ally has her own blog now. You may visit her at It sounds like from her blog that she acts a lot like her mom. Hopefully, she will not be kicked out of school before she finishes her first semester. Welcome to blogdom, Fat Albert.