Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Regi says it is time for an update. Facebook seems to be the main place to gather, so haven't blogged since July.
The Bakers went to Ireland in July, and now I hear there is a new Baker on the way! Bullwinkle stayed with us, and he is back for another stay at our house now. Bilko, his first cousin, is here, too. Dudley loves having both cousins here because they fight each other and leave him alone for the most part so he can get his beauty rest. They are all excited about getting a real cousin in March. Well, maybe not Bilko who went to the vet's office Monday to get "tutored". He misunderstood at he gets it.
Rena is off to National Quartet Convention's just me and the four dogs.
In two weeks, Rena and I fly to Myrtle Beach to work the Collingsworth table at the Gaither Concert.
Now, you're updated.


Regi said...

well it's about time!

Anonymous said...

Hey you all - CONGRATUTATION! ON the baby. New there would be one coming soon ;-) I'm so happy for them. Thank God for Irland :-) THERESA.