Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where is the Granddaughter?

When my nephew, Steve, was small, his mom was pregnant with his baby brother. Of course, we did not know that it was a brother at that point. I asked him several times, "Where is your baby sister?" He would always answer, "He's still not coming yet!" And, sure enough, it was a he. Gool ole Jonathan(JonJon) Yoder.
Now, it's "where is the granddaughter?" I guess Regi will get it here when it is time. This time we know it's a she, but the stubborn parents won't spill the beans on the name. Ally has somehow gotten the agreement to be the first to know the name. She always gets whatever she wants. Spoiled little kid. Her mom made her that way.


Regi said...

She gets the special treatment because she isn't within 100 miles (or even 500 miles...i think) of where she will be born so it's only fair that she gets the name and picture first :)

Regi said...

she's here now

Regi said...

wake up! She's been here for 6 weeks!!! no blog about her???